What Can I Do?

“What Can I Do?”
By Frank Samuelson

When our congregation’s Social Ministry Committee asked this question of our Racial Justice/Multicultural team, the team came up with a variety of answers.
Here are a few:

1. Don’t lend your smile, or let your silence, encourage those who think racist remarks are acceptable humor.

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Freedom Riders and Soul Train

By: The Reverend Andrena Ingram, Pastor at St. Michaels Lutheran Church in Philadelphia, PA

I have spent a few days thinking about “The Butler”. For me, it was an awesome movie. I have been thinking about persons who stated that they “cried through the whole movie”, and wondering if perhaps I missed something – because I didn’t. I mean, I had a few “heart tugs”.

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An Opinion: So There’s A Vision Statement, Now What?

Written by Newsletter Editor Paul Bauman

You may have read  the announcement that the Board of Directors has adopted a Vision Statement for our European American Lutheran Association.  Now what?  What can it mean?

I have often understood that a Vision Statement suggests the desire of what that organization or group wants to become.  They are not there yet, but they would like to be this.

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Experience with a Local NAACP Chapter

By Harlan Johnson

After over fifty years of working to overcome institutional racism with an emphasis on the tragic separation we live with – what I call unintentional apartheid – I began to face the fact that I continue to live in a segregated world, having little meaningful contact with people of color.

There are two exceptions.

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Faithful Journey

My Faith Journey by Kathy Long

kathylongThe Holy Spirit started very early in me by sending me new black neighbors when I was about 10. Our neighborhood in a small industrial city in southeast Texas was redlined. Our mother insisted we play and take the little neighbor boys trick-or-treating while we lived next door.

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