The board may be from 7 to 15 members. Officers are elected to one three year term. Only the Treasurer may serve a repeat term in office. Board Members are elected to six-year terms. Because of the transition from a biennial to triennial assembly in 2015, incumbents are nominated for a three-year term to ensure a balance of staggered terms in board membership going forward.


Officers (as of April 2018)

President: Donna Matties (2021), dmatteis2018@gmail.com

Vice President: Rev. Dr. Russell Meyer (2021), rmeyer@floridachurches.org 

Cathy Crimi (2021), cathy.a.crimi@gmail.com 

Treasurer: Bev Dirkin (2021), bdirkin@aol.com 

Secretary: Rev. Andrew Tengwall (2024), Andrew.tengwall@gmail.com


Rev. Mark Cerniglia (2021)

Rev. Jason Chesnut (2024)

CJ Clark (2024)

Cathy Crimi (2021)

Elle Dowd (2024)

Rev. Kelly France (2024)

Julie Hettig (2021)

Rev. Sandy Jones (2021)

Kathy Long (2024)

Shari Seifert (2024)

Rev. Amy Weigert (2024) 


Board Teams

Collective Presence Team

Enhanced Communication Team

Partnership Advancement Team

Public Witness (Training) Circle 


Priorities (2016)

EDLARJ has four areas of Mission for Strategy:

  • Public Witness (Advocacy)
  • Leadership Development (Training)
  • Communication (Messaging)
  • Relationship (Accompaniment)

Four Goals and Objectives were identified and ranked in the following order of priority:

  1. Continue to build relationships with other ethnic associations
  2. Promotion of anti-racism/racial justice teams in synods
  3. Review the name of the association and branding (implemented)
  4. Explore the use of media and technology as a tool for multicultural engagement




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