Membership Advancement

The purpose of EALA is to live out our commitment to dismantle racism and white privilege by “speaking truth to power” within the institutional church and the wider society. We invite those of White European heritage and friends of other ethnic backgrounds to partner with us in this work until we no longer see the world as Black and White.

Public Witness Circle

We are a circle of advocates for racial justice and accountability of white privilege. Our approach includes addressing blatant blind spots in the church’s witness, supporting movements for a fully inclusive society and church, and organizing actions which welcome an intercultural, anti-racist church.

Enhancing Communications Team

Our audience includes our EALA member partners and ELCA members and employees, churchwide, synods, congregations, and institutions plus those who come to our electronic sites. We seek to reach leadership in the other ethnic associations and anti-racism and/or social justice committees/teams. We want them to know who we are and our focus as an association which may help them fulfill their life values. The word “enhancing” suggests it is an ongoing task and always in process.

Collective Presence

The Collective Presence Team connects the EALA with the ELCA’s other ethnic associations so that our work and privilege remains accountable to the whole.



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