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The European Descent Lutheran Association for Racial Justice is one of six ethnic associations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It may seem strange for White persons to think of themselves as ethnic. The EDLARJ came into being at the invitation of the other ethnic associations so that all peoples could be represented equally at the Table of Color. If you’re White European in heritage, we invite you to partner with us to overcome racism. Register as a Partner here.

Collective Presence with Ethnic Groups

  • Connecting with African Descent, American Indian & Alaskan Native, Arab & Middle Eastern, Asian & Pacific Islander, and Latino associations.

Public Witness Circle

  • Networking witnesses that nurture an anti-racist society and push for racial justice in the church and throughout society.

Partnership Advancement

  • Organizing partnership with those who want to be accountable for their privilege and power.

Enhance Communications

  • Developing the digital tools that inform, educate and inspire our work and witness.

See our ELCA page.



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