Our Mission

To awaken hearts to God’s work in the world through Jesus Christ, to confront injustice, oppression, and white supremacy as offenses to the gospel, and to inspire transformational action for personal and systemic change throughout the ELCA and society.

EDLARJ Board 2022-2023

EDLARJ board members are lay and rostered leaders from across the ELCA.

Photograph of Shari, a white woman with short silver hair wearing dark rectangular glasses. She is smiling and wearing a dark blazer over a blue v-neck shirt.

Shari Siefert



Photograph of Kelly, a white man with short brown hair and a short brown beard. Kelly is wearing glasses and a white v-neck t-shirt and attempting a smile.

Rev. Kelly France



Rev. Jennifer Thomas



Photo of Kathy, a white woman with chin length blond hair, wearing rectangular glasses. Kathy is smiling into the camera.

Kathy Long



Photograph of Elizabeth, a white femme with long hair that is silver on top and black halfway down. Her hair is half pulled back. She is wearing a grey sweater and smizing at the camera.

Rev. Elizabeth Rawlings


Photo of Jaye, white human with a buzz cut, short brown goatee and wire rimmed glasses. They are holding their thumb and forefinger to thier chin making a quizzical expression. They are also wearing a thumb ring and silver nailpolish.

Jaye Summerlot


Photo of Desta, a white woman with shoulder length brown hair and a nose ring in her right nostril. She is wearing a maroon blazer and turquoise shirt that matches her large turquoise earrings. SHe is smilng at the camera.

Desta Goehner


Headshot of Michael Wilker. Michael has short white hair with a bald patch on top, white/grey goatee, blue eyes, and peach white skin. He is smiling, and wearing a grey button down with grey stripes and standing in front of green plants.

Rev. Michael Wilker


Photo of Aimee, a white woman with shoulder length wavy brown hair. SHe is wearing a black sweater with a tan pattern at the shoulders over her clerical collar and smilgin at the camera.

Rev. Aimee Appell


Close-up photo of Kinna, a white woman with blond hair that is pulled back. She is wearing a black shirt and small gold necklace, and is smiling at the camera.

Kinna Kemp


Rev. Andrew Tengwall