Action & Accompaniment

Action & accompaniment are at the heart of our work for racial justice

EDLARJ engages in advocacy at all levels of the ELCA. From policy and cultural changes at the national level to helping individuals address racial injustice in their communities, members of EDLARJ use our voices to advocate for racial justice. EDLARJ members also support the work of the other ELCA ethnic associations and collaborate for a church and world in which all are free. In the struggle for racial justice, we help write policy and write letters, preach in the pulpit and shout in the streets.

Training & Education

Providing educational opportunities and resources for unlearning white supremacy

EDLARJ provides educational resourcing and training for racial justice teams from congregations and synods as well as an annual gathering. Our Training and Education team has a breadth and dept of knowledge and experience we would love to bring to your racial justice team or congregation. If you would like to talk to us about coordinating a training, or would like to join our Training and Education team, we would love to hear from you!


We only reach our goals if we work together.

Within the ELCA, there are 7 ethnic specific ministry organizations. In a deep spirit of cultural humility, EDLARJ works with our siblings in these ministries to achieve our collective goal of equity for all. We also work to connect and support racial justice groups in synods and congregations throughout the ELCA.

Other ways you can support our work

Within every movement, there’s a place for many gifts

Join our supporting teams

We have people working on communications, fundraising, organization structure and more. We’re always looking for people with the skills for the essential background work that supports our efforts. If you would like to support our work, let us know!

Become a member

While EDLARJ has been around for a while, we have kept a low profile. It is essential to our work that we reach, educate, and organize as many of our white siblings as possible. Join EDLARJ and contribute to our work however you can!


We are supported in part by the ELCA. However, as we grow in capacity we hope to be able to offer more trainings and opportunities; financial support is essential to our work.A portion of every donation is given to our sibling associations.