reparationsThree publications have recently had some articles related to the justice work of the EALA.  The first is from the June edition of The Atlantic,  “The Case for Reparations”,  written by Ta-Nehisi Coates.  The cover of the magazine has these words: “250 years of slavery. 90 years of Jim Crow.  60 years of separate but equal.  35 years of state-sanctioned redlining.  Until we reckon with the compounding moral debts of our ancestors, America will never be whole.”  The article can be read at  Coates was also featured on  the May 21 edition of “Moyer and Company” and can be viewed at

       The second article, “How to Dismantle the ‘New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander is from the July edition of Sojourners,  It can also be read at   Like the old Jim Crow, this one, resulting from the War Against Drugs, has created permanent second class citizens with a host of guaranteed future limitations because of imprisonment.  Alexander states “There is no more pressing human rights issue, no more spiritual crossroads, or threat to democracy, than the current penal crisis.”
       The last is the emphasis of the July issue of The Lutheran, our official ELCA magazine, “Economic and Income Inequality” which is a prime influence involving the previous two articles.  Some of the articles related to this topic are “Economic and Income Inequality: Beliefs Matter“, “The New Inequality: Our Lutheran Vocation” and “Golden Nets: Luther on Loving Your Neighbor”.  They can also be read at



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