Why a Circle?

For us a circle represents that leadership is a dynamic flow that moves among us according to contextual need. A circle continues when those in it stay highly connected with each other so that the circle is not broken. We commit to being a circle, staying highly connected with one another, supporting leadership among us as it arise in the contextual moment.

Our Goal:  A functional, active national network of witnesses that engages issues of becoming an anti-racist society and realizing racial justice in the church and throughout society.

Objective 1:  Engage all synods to have a functioning Anti-Racism Team (ART) or an equivalent

  • Determine the church’s mandate for synodical ART’s.
  • Request the report from Communications on synod ART contacts & provide an analysis.
  • Design a Campaign to follow up with synods lacking an ART.

Objective 2:   Create an alert network using digital media. 

  • Interface with Communications to design network structure. 
  • Develop a methodology for collecting and sharing stories of success in turning toward becoming anti-racist and stories of the challenges in realizing a cross-cultural church. 
  • Connect with the Missional Advancement unit to develop protocols so that the EALA message receive wider publication in the ELCA.

Objective 3:  Develop an ecumenical component for the Network. 

  • Create a map of ecumentical connectors for EALA participants to engage.

Objective 4:  Develop follow-up and new objectives.



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